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This is my newest and a story that, to quote David and Maggie, honestly did become an “epic love project” for me!

Many thanks to them both for their patience with my endless questions and visits while writing it and to The Cottager for their interest in featuring and editing “House with a View – An Off the Grid Dream – Tamped Earth House”. Also thanks very much to my sweet husband, Gord for translating building terminology into language I could understand, and to our Sheldon for suggesting I write this story and arranging its beginnings! (For an unedited version please check out my blog page on this website)

Photo Credit to the very talented Jonah Neufeld


“The Cottager” magazine has really been very good to me …

Living on the shore of Lake Manitoba after a lifetime of being a “city girl” has opened my eyes to some wonderfully beautiful aspects of nature I’ve never fully appreciated! Thankfully,

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my stories about the things I’m discovering published by “The Cottager” magazine.

“Bait Becomes Bully”  –  March/April edition –

“The 2018 Lundar Open” – March/April 2018 edition –

“The Birds of Sugar Point” – Winter 2017 edition –
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A Small but Menacing Ice Ridge “Snow Blind”
The Cottager magazine

To see edited versions of “Bait Becomes Bully”, “The 2018 Lundar Open”, “The Birds of Sugar Point” and “Snow Blind”, along with an assortment of other very interesting and worthwhile stories by talented writers, please go to this website and choose Facebook


The “Interlake Pulse” magazine published this unedited version of one of my earliest articles ” Bird Escapades”


And SportsLife Magazine has published 3 of my stories to date …

“Hope and Smiling Begin in the Ring” – 2017 – Volume 4 – Issue 4 –

“A Football Dream Comes True” – 2017 – Volume 4 – Issue 3 –

“And in This Corner …” – 2017 – Volume 4 – Issue 2 –


Thank you to Cottage Magazine (BC … a sister magazine to The Cottager), for the encouragement, and help with my first ever published article “Disaster at the Cabin; The Lake Manitoba Flood”


And this is an oldie, but since it’s a sidebar I wrote for “Disaster at the Cabin; The Lake Manitoba Flood” it will always have a special place in my heart!

Not to mention, I love this photo, taken by a wonderful friend and fellow-sandbagger, Barb Paterson!

Thanks, Barb Paterson! An amazing photo!


Anatomy of the Flood

By Lisa Lysen

Published in “Cottage” magazine – April/2013

Sugar Point, with its modest population of fewer than 100 homes and cottages, is only one of many developments on the shores of Lake Manitoba.

Similar lakeshore communities, along with small towns, First Nations Reserves, resorts, businesses, century-old farms, and pasturelands are scattered around its shores and roadways.

To the south and approximately 60 feet lower, is Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg.

A city of 684,000, Winnipeg lies at the junction of two rivers, the Red and the Assiniboine. Because the city was built on a flood plain, steps have been taken over the years to protect it.

The Red River Floodway effectively drains water away when the Red River rises. A diversion at Portage la Prairie redirects the flow of the Assiniboine into Lake Manitoba, which the Fairford Dam at the north end of the lake regulates.

It has long been suggested that in the event of extreme situations, a channel should also be created to assist the dam in draining excess water from the lake.

In spring 2011, weather conditions came together that saw the Assiniboine River flowing furiously through the Portage Diversion, which was already running at full capacity, into a swollen Lake Manitoba. Fairford Dam to the north was having difficulty removing water fast enough.

Cruelly, on May 1, a severe winter storm struck, depositing another 20 inches of snow onto a lake already struggling. Almost simultaneously it was discovered that faulty gauges in Saskatchewan had underestimated the amount of water about to inundate Manitoba by way of the Assiniboine River.

Without intervention, Winnipeg appeared in danger of flooding. A decision was quickly made and the Portage Diversion was altered to increase flow. Water rapidly began pouring into Lake Manitoba at a rate Fairford Dam could not handle.

And a deliberate flood struck Lake Manitoba.

One by one, homes and cottages were forced to evacuate. Communities and farmland were destroyed.

M.A.S.C. (Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation) and T.A.P. (Temporary Accommodations Program)—the government agencies upon which the task of dealing with flood victims has fallen—have an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 households registered as damaged or destroyed as a result of the 2011 flood.

Of those households, approximately three hundred are full-time residents, with the remainder being cottagers. Counted separately and in addition to these numbers, about seven hundred First Nations homes have been affected.

Taking into account the fact that the price tag attached to flood recovery has been astronomical and is still climbing, it’s hard to imagine that every Manitoban isn’t affected in one way or another.


Because I love writing and just can’t get enough of it, I’ve been playing with micro-fiction …

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And “Travelista Club” is a beautiful website for … you guessed it! … Travelers!

I’m very excited to have my first story published on their website! Please check it out and see what else they have to offer at

A Costa Rican Sunset


I’ve been freelancing a little in other ways, too …

I’m having so much fun writing the intro and doing product descriptions for this awesome store on SHOPIFY! 

Call of Daddy Duty

is driven by an awesome single Dad, striving to overcome the constant everyday challenges of creating a better world for his family and then sharing his discoveries with the rest of us!

To see what he’s come up with and to solve a few of your own family’s little trials and tribulations, visit




If you’d like to hire me to do some writing for you, please email me …


This is my first attempt at writing a real estate listing … Many thanks to Donna Cook of MB RENT- 2 -OWN for the opportunity and for the on-going work I’ve been doing for her as well!

MB Rent 2 Own

By Lisa Lysen

Whether you’re new to the country, starting a job, have credit obstacles, or relationship complications, situations arise that can make becoming a homeowner challenging.


Contact to see if we can help you buy a home.

Settling in somewhere new and giving your family the security you want for them can be demanding. And saving for a home can be difficult, especially when unexpected expenses keep coming up. And they always do!

Mb. Rent 2 Own is a program designed to help people buy homes. It’s a very simple, well thought out approach,


With, a percentage of each month’s rent is added to your one-time initial minimum deposit and put aside for the down payment on your home. The end result is that within a short time, usually 2 – 3 years, you have your down payment saved, painlessly.

And not only does some of your payment go towards buying your home every month, you have other financial advantages, too. You can claim your rent on your income tax and your landlord pays the property taxes until the house becomes yours.

As well, you have the added advantage of living in your home while saving to buy it. You know the neighbourhood that will soon become yours. Your children will have the chance to make lasting friendships. If they’re in school, they’ll form bonds with teachers and feel like they belong, knowing they won’t be uprooted. The kids they play sports with today will be the same kids they play sports with tomorrow.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover the best restaurants and bistros in the area and find your favourite shops and parks close to what will shortly be your own home. 

Since Mb Rent 2 Own understands that puppies and kittens become family members, too we have apet-friendly policy. You can explore your neighbourhood and find a local dog park, groomer or cat sitter. You can be happy in the security of knowing that this is your world and it’s not going to change unless you decide to change it.

You also have more freedom to treat your home as your own because within a short time, it will be yours.  More freedom to decorate, to landscape, to add those special touches that make it feel like home!

You’ll be comfortable and you won’t have to move to buy a house, because you’re already home.

To help make purchasing even easier, at we also offer 5 free financial workshops and credit coaching. And we’ll help you navigate the mortgage industry when it’s time to purchase.

At we understand how difficult saving for a home while renting at the same time can be … and we also understand it doesn’t have to be that way!

We have homes available in desirable communities.

For an application and to see if we can begin helping you today, go to and



MB Rent-2-Own Makes Financial Sense

By Lisa Lysen

Saving for a home and paying rent at the same time can be both difficult and frustrating.

As hard as we try, there always seems to be unexpected expenses that throw us a little behind schedule. Things just come up and then, understandably, that magic number the bank is asking for gets bumped a little further down the road … again!

And if you’re like most people, before long it almost becomes easier to count on “the unexpected” happening each month than to be sure that your own dream of owning a home is ever coming true.

But that’s where the beauty of the MB Rent-2-Own philosophy comes in.

The concept of a portion of your monthly payment going directly toward your down payment ends the frustrating cycle of “saving for a home/living life”.

You have all the benefits of being a renter, like claiming rent on your income tax and not paying property tax, while living in what will soon become your own home.

When you’re renting, no matter what else is going on in your life, you pay your rent every month.

But with MB Rent-2-Own’s system not all of that payment goes into someone else’s pocket to pay someone else’s mortgage or to help someone else’s saving’s grow.

With MB Rent-2-Own, every month a percentage of your rent is added to your one-time initial minimum deposit and put aside for the down payment on your home. The end result is that within a short time, generally about 2 – 3 years, you have your down payment saved, painlessly.

The system is designed to work. Even better, a minimum amount down and a percentage each month going to purchasing means the system is designed to make your money work for you.

The purchase price doesn’t change once the original agreement is set and each month’s rent pays a little more of that amount off.

If you have more than the minimum deposit or want to save extra for when the time to purchase comes you have those options, too.

You can also add to your payments to help offset the additional costs incurred when you do purchase your home. There are few little things the bank may surprise you with and being financially prepared goes a long way towards turning stress into celebration!

But whether you add anything more or not you’re still saving towards purchasing your home simply by paying your rent each month. And the money is put aside without fail, no matter what else comes up in your life!

In addition to all of these already great financial upsides, though, there’s more!

Also included by Mb Rent-2-Own are 5 free financial workshops to help you plan for your future and credit coaching to help correct any challenges you may be facing.

Mb Rent-2-Own will also help you navigate the mortgage industry it’s time to qualify for your mortgage and buy your home.

If there are any drawbacks at all to renting to own, it’s that not enough people know about it and that it’s not made available to renters more often.

Especially now, when buying a home is becoming harder and harder, “MB Rent-2-Own” is a great option and worth considering, whatever your situation may be.


Rent to Own … SO Much More than Financially Smart!

By Lisa Lysen

It’s very easy to see the many financial advantages MB Rent-2-Own has to offer.

When a portion of your rent each month is actually going towards buying the home you’re living in, there’s no question it’s a smart move. It just makes purchasing so much easier.

And of course, being able to claim your rent on your personal income tax and having no property tax to pay is also an amazing opportunity!

But it’s the many other advantages of MB Rent-2-Own’s system that sometimes go unnoticed until you’re actually benefitting from them. The fact that you’re already living in your home as you save to buy it really uncomplicates life in so many ways!

Unlike renting someone else’s place, you are soon taking ownership of this house.

Any decorating ideas like maybe changing colours, adding a deck or doing a little landscaping are naturally met with a completely different attitude from the seller. The seller isn’t worried about keeping things neutral for the next tenant/buyer, which gives you so much more freedom to make your home your own.

And when you’re sitting in your living room, picturing it the way you’d love it to be, dreaming of the little touches you’d love to add, knowing you can make it happen, you’re really sitting in your living room!

Better even than having more freedom to decorate, though is the feeling of knowing that you won’t have to move to become a homeowner. You’re already home!

You can get to know the neighbours and be comfy exploring the neighbourhood, knowing it will be your neighbourhood for years to come.

If you have kids they’ll make friends. If they’re in school, they’ll form bonds with teachers and feel like they belong, knowing they won’t be uprooted.

The kids they play sports with today will be the same kids they play sports with tomorrow.

If you have pets, you can find a favourite dog park, groomer or cat sitter and be happy in the security that this is your world and it’s not going to change unless you decide to change it.

You can get to know the best restaurants and bistros in the area, find your favourite walking paths, learn where you love to shop and know that when your dream of being a homeowner comes true, these things will stay the same. 

You can settle in, comfortably, knowing you’re home!

And although the financial benefits provided by MB Rent-2-Own are undeniably great, there’s also something very special about just being settled and secure … HOME!



There’s an amazing small town connected to my home at Sugar Point. The spirit and hearts of the people of Lundar, Manitoba are huge. As a bit of a newcomer to the neighborhood, I was honored to be asked to let Manitoba’s Interlake know about the combined celebration of Lundar’s Winter Carnival and the Grand Opening of the new Lundar Arena!

Here’s how the story for the press release goes …


Winnipeg Jets Alumni take on Senior Lundar Falcons Alumni at the Lundar Arena, Sat. Mar. 30!

It’s that time again … The Lundar Winter Carnival is happening this weekend, March 29 – 31 and what a great way to say good-bye to a long cold winter.

This year’s festivities are bigger and better than ever. There’s so much more to celebrate with the exciting Grand Opening of the new Lundar Arena. And some very exciting guests are coming to Lundar to help do that!

Saturday afternoon at 3 pm the Jets Alumni face off against the Senior Lundar Falcons Alumni. An event for everyone to enjoy! And how fitting to be watching it from seats taken from Winnipeg’s old stadium!

Lundar and MHHF are grateful to the Jets for their participation and for all the fun they’re bringing to town to honour the volunteers and everyone who came together to help make building Lundar Arena such a success. It’s a great way to say thanks to all and to showcase how much grassroots hockey and the Winnipeg Jets mean to Manitobans everywhere.

The fun starts Friday morning at 11 am with a public skate for parents and tots and events continue all weekend long ending with a broomball tournament Sunday! Time has been set aside for special thanks and acknowledgment to Lundar’s veterans.

There’s public skating with and without sticks and pucks, an escape room, lounge, hockey games, Funland, arts and crafts, face painting, a balloon drop, mini-sticks tournament, bonfire, hotdogs, more hockey as squirts challenge parents and grandparents, skating races, hockey, hockey, hockey and so much more!

The Lundar Winter Carnival and Grand Opening of the Lundar Arena celebrates small-town creativity, innovation, and Manitoba spirit in Lundar’s own very special big-hearted way!


My husband, Gordon Lysen, and I wrote a book together!


This one’s not published anywhere but I had fun writing it and it’s a really great festival!

Victorian Tea

Christmas in Carlyle – Charles Dickens Style!

By Lisa Lysen

There’s magic and enchantment scattered all throughout Saskatchewan, Canada any time of year but it’s hard to beat the old-world charm of Carlyle in December.

Every December this town of about 1400 people celebrates the essence of community, coming alive with holiday spirit.

And for two bewitching days Carlyle, Saskatchewan is transformed into a page from a storybook as it annually steps back in time to host Canada’s only Dickens Festival.

Brimming with a mix of creativity, nostalgia and theatrics, Main Street proudly takes center-stage. Props, costumes and townspeople turned thespian enthusiastically convert this pretty prairie community to a scene from the 1800’s. 

With a little imagination it’s very easy to believe you’re walking the cobblestone roads of long ago London!

A horse-drawn carriage ambles along, driven by a stately gentleman in top hat and tails. A lovely Victorian lady by his side offers rides to anyone who may be looking for a quaint little adventure or perhaps just feeling weary of walking.

But although a carriage ride is a charming accent to the day’s fun, walking is really where the fanciful happens!

Shopkeepers dressed in costume stand out on sidewalks, ringing bells and luring passers-by in to see their wares.

“Ye Olde Gang Market” showcases local artisans, its cheerfully decorated booths overflowing with unique crafts and handiwork.

“Tiny Tim’s Taste Tour” serves free holiday baking, chocolate and other goodies all the way up and down Main Street.

There’s a contagious atmosphere of excitement that takes the crispness out of the winter air for a time as you stroll along.

But if carolers singing and music playing doesn’t do enough to warm things up for you there are street vendors along the way serving hot beverages, “bangers”, chili, baked potatoes, even smoked turkey legs!

Father Christmas or Bob Cratchit may stop to chat on street corners and Ebeneezer Scrooge makes his appearance, too. Bobbies are on patrol watching for the Artful Dodger and other “ragamuffins”.

Just a short jaunt off Main Street, around the corner and down the lane, a local church hosts afternoon Victorian tea. And stepping into this pretty little church for tea honestly feels like stepping into an old-fashioned Christmas card!

Handmade patchwork quilts hang on the walls over top tables adorned with jars of homemade jams and hand-sewn crafts. Adding to the fun, everyone entering is loaned a hand-decorated Victorian hat to set the mood.

Dainties, pinwheel sandwiches and all sorts of tasty treats are laid out and best of all, there’s Christmas pudding galore!

Further into the heart of town is Carlyle’s “Festival of Trees”, a very breathtaking sight! Another interesting venue worth checking out is the “Rusty Relics Museum”, giving a little insight into the town’s own history.

Back on Main Street, the community hall, all dressed up in old-world style is transformed to “Fezziwig’s Pub”. There’s a great bar menu and continuous live music, making it an easy place to settle and enjoy.

Festive touches all over town lend to the holiday spirit that is everywhere.

Friday evening the Santa Claus parade escorts its famous guest into Carlyle. And as Santa arrives new activities are added to the celebrations.

The Dickens Festival is designed to be special for everyone in the family with plenty of children’s entertainment, including magicians! Saturday morning begins with “Breakfast with Santa”, photos and a free skate with the elderly celebrity.

But the biggest highlight of the Dicken’s Festival happens in the evenings, with Carlyle’s own musical version of “A Christmas Carole”. Local talent comes together to put on a great show that’s both fun and entertaining! And the story’s just a little different every year, too, as imaginative spins are creatively put on this classic tale.

The time, creativity, hard work and community spirit that go into making the Dickens Festival a success each year truly represents what small-town magic and Saskatchewan are all about.


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